To contribute to the sustainable development of

Kuwait’s economy

To contribute to the sustainable development of

Kuwait’s economy


Established in 2014, National Advisory Services Company (NASCO), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC), with mandate to provide best-in-class strategic and management advisory services to public and private-sector institutions and enterprises, both locally and regionally; by way of leveraging its high-calibre resources and unique market position, while committing to upholding business independence, integrity, professionalism, and clients’ best interests in all circumstances and at all times.

Ownership structure

The National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) was established back in November of 2002 and operational in late 2004, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). Capitalized at 100 Million Kuwaiti Dinars (Approximately 350 Million U.S. Dollars), with a paid up capital of 85 Million Kuwaiti Dinars. NTEC was created to play a vital role in servicing major stakeholders in Kuwait with their technology needs. The company holds a unique position being fully owned by the Kuwaiti Government, yet enjoys all private sector privileges and operates as such; with its own business license, articles of association, board of directors and capital, NTEC was able to utilize its broad objectives and technology focus being: Information & Communications Technologies, Life Sciences & Healthcare Technologies, Energy, Renewable Energy, Water & Environmental Technologies, to develop distinctive operational and investment strategies to address its core mandate: Technology & Knowledge Transfer.
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ENERTECH is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC)that focuses on technology projects development and investment, its main objectives are to transfer technologies in Kuwait and GCC region by creating platforms, invest in regional opportunities of private equity, venture capital, direct investment, and participate in projects as lead; co-lead partner in energy, water , recycling and clean tech sectors with a mission to lead both government and private sectors in the development and application of leading edge technology.

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Kuwait Life Science Company is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC) that focuses on healthcare innovative concepts and demanded services which have a clear unmet need. KLSC has been designed as an integrated healthcare company building unique projects and is considered one of the fewest venture capitalists in the Middle East that invests globally and operates regionally seeking to advance healthcare services and systems in the region.

KLSC supports both public and private sectors to access emerging technologies, establish unique projects and adapt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare field. KLSC operates in healthcare investment, medical technologies and training.

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IMPULSE is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC) that offers complete ICT and value solutions for the Enterprises and SMBs. IMPULSE offers applications and solutions that enable voice and data services to be provided to users, including mobile services applications, wireless entertainment applications, VAS system integration, security service and other industry-specific customized solutions.

Staying connected everywhere, requires sophisticated, secure and costly solutions that are difficult to provide, install and maintain. IMPULSE understands the challenges associated with developing and maintaining such a system. IMPULSE has engineered its highly skilled resources to come up with a family of ICT solutions to fulfill costumer requirement of security, performance & quality.

IMPULSE’s innovative and high performance solutions are easy to deploy and manage. Powerful, flexible, easy and cost-effective are some of the terms which identify IMPULSE’s solutions.

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Global Innovation Company is one of the leading regional providers of innovative human capital development solutions. GIC is a fully owned subsidiary of (NTEC), concentrating on developing its business through:

  • Building milestone strategies and goals with our clients.
  • A huge network of international and regional Subject Matter Experts and Consultants.
  • A solid portfolio of partnerships with leading technology and knowledge vendors.
  • Accommodating International diversified distinct skills and knowledge, locally.
  • Bilingual support of all our services and products.
  • Dedicated learning solutions covering areas of specialized technical training in Soft Skills, Human Resource, Project Management and Management Information Systems.
  • Innovative knowledge transfer techniques through our services and programs such as Management Outsourcing, ME-HR Hub and other.

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We partner with the public sector to facilitate by institutional transformation through developing and implementing turnkey solutions to address their most critical challenges using knowledge and technology transfer


Become the partner of choice for national institutions spearheading the sustainable progress and development of Kuwait by 2022


Value proposition

Engage local stakeholders to understand their challenges and validate their requirements

Detailed analysis and research through proprietary network and independent renowned subject matter experts

Develop and implement tailored integrated solution


Focus on implementation by using a multi-disciplinary approach

Unique mix of resources and subject matter experts

Our client-centric and value-driven culture

Practice Areas


National Project Practice (NPP)


NPP aims to undertake and execute projects that target knowledge and/or technology transfer at a national level, enabling national capacity building

NASCO Current Offering / Products:

– Project Management
– Quality Assurance

Organization Transformation Practice (OTP)


OTP aims to undertake and execute projects that target holistic transformation of organizations / institutions by knowledge and technology transfer, enabling capacity building and macro level synergies

NASCO Current Offering / Products:

– Current State Assessment (CSA)
– Strategy & Transformation Business Plan Development
– Transformation Office / Strategy Execution Support
– People Engagement / Change Management

Technology Transfer Practice (TTP)


TTP aims to execute projects that target knowledge and technology transfer to key institutions in Kuwait , enabling national capacity building

NASCO Current Offering / Products:

– IP Policy Development
– IP Strategy & Management Support
– IP Commercialization
– Technology Strategy & Roadmaps
– Technology Sourcing

OTP – Integrated Transformation Framework

TTP – Technology Transfer Framework

  • Identify national technology needs & challenges
  • Screen
  • Develop / Enchance product
  • Commercialize
  • Assess & Protect
  • Current state assessment
  • Best practices
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation plan
  • Execution plan
  • Oversight
  • National needs & challenges
  • Identify technology trends & leaders
  • Develop sourcing & commercialization plan
  • Execution & project management

Key Partners


Address: AL Shaheed Tower, M1 Floor, Khaled Bin Al Waleed St., Sharq, Kuwait

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